2014 Live Event Recap: Liam Fury wins The Eliminator!

Liam Fury overcame 19 other competitors to win The 2014 Eliminator!
Liam Fury overcame 19 other competitors to win The 2014 Eliminator!

Twenty competitors in The Eliminator had one thing on their mind at Genesis, and that was the contract that guaranteed them a shot at The New Zealand Heavyweight Championship whenever they desired. And after one of the most chaotic Eliminator’s in history it would come down to The Investment’s Curt Chaos and Impact Pro Wrestling’s Liam Fury to decide just who would leave with the highly sought after contract.

After back and forth action between Chaos & Fury it came down to one violent kick struck by Liam Fury, giving him the moment of opportunity to climb to the top and nail Chaos with his Shooting Star Press, to delight fans and leave Genesis with a guaranteed shot at The Ultimate Prize firmly in his pocket.

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Also at Genesis, TnT’s wish to clash with Agents of Change in a Ladder Match for the IPW Tag Team Championship was finally granted, but it took some violent action and a double elimination with a ladder to sway the current Tag Team Champions!

Earlier in the night a match was construed by IPW Director & The Investment Head Daniel Burnell between TK Cooper and Jakob Cross in which if Cooper was successful, then TnT would get their Ladder Match May 17 at New Heights. Cooper would go on to defeat Cross, but The Investment pit bulls would have a “change of heart” and attack TnT after the bell with a final insult of Burnell stating there would be no Ladder Match.

Things swayed back into TnT’s favor later in the night however when they used a ladder to dismantle and eliminate Cross & Henry from The Eliminator which resulted in an enraged Jakob Cross accepting the Ladder Match challenge for New Heights on May 17!

Full results from Genesis:

TK Cooper defeated Jakob Cross

IPW NZ Women’s Champion Britenay & Carmen Rose defeated Olivia Shaw & Beatrice Priestley with Gary O.Davis

James Shaw defeated Liger

Alfred Valentine & Vinny Dunn collided in an all out brawl

Liam Fury won The 2014 Eliminator