Historic Ladder Match set for New Heights!

The Agents of Change put their gold on the line in a Ladder Match!
The Agents of Change put their gold on the line in a Ladder Match May 17 at New Heights!

May 17 will see two teams collide in an historic first for New Zealand Professional Wrestling. With the IPW Tag Team Championship suspended high above the ring, TnT and The Agents of Change will put their bodies and careers on the line when they employ the use of ladders to grasp the gold!

It’s been the greatest tag team rivalry in New Zealand history, one that was born in kind with the rebirth of Impact Pro Wrestling in July last year and one that has seen each of the four men battered and bruised. But neither team could have imagined that the fate of their careers could be decided in a match designed to punish bodies and manipulate minds. Due to the intense physicality, Ladder Matches have been rare in Impact Pro Wrestling but it seems fitting that such a match is likely to put an end to an even rarer rivalry.

Two teams have reached a point of no return, but only one has the chance to rise above and reach new heights.

History is made at New Heights when AOC put the gold on the line against TnT in a Ladder Match!

Also at New Heights, IPW Director & The Investment Head Daniel Burnell has made a massive non title match between New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Travis Banks and The Investment’s Curt Chaos! After being impressed with the performance of Chaos at Genesis, Burnell has granted his Invesment member the opportunity to measure his skills against the country’s best in Travis Banks. But with anything Burnell has done since taking control at Nightmare B4 Xmas, this announcement comes with a sense of intrigue as to what The Investment’s agenda truly is.

Join us May 17 at the Lynfield Recreation Centre in Auckland for New Heights!