The war heats up at Escalation!

alf_escalationThe growing war between The Investment & The Origin continues to heat up at Escalation with a huge 3 on 2 feature match set to light up Lynfield!

Alfred Valentine & Alexander once again got under the skin of Daniel Burnell and The Investment at New Heights when they landed a decisive blow by aiding TnT in their IPW New Zealand Tag Team Championship Ladder Match. Leaving The Investment furious and leaving themselves with two more members of the Origin in TK Cooper and Lil T.

Now, in a definite retaliation move, Daniel Burnell has announced that Valentine & Alexander must face his Agents of Change and Vinny Dunn in a 3 on 2 Match at Escalation. Burnell has vowed to make The Origin pay for their crimes and with the numbers game firmly on The Investment side for this match; he may just get his wish and wipe out The Origin once and for all.