The Pride has arrived

pride_escalationTrust nobody. The simple mantra of the wild cat, the competitor, the Liger who has carved a path of destruction through the Impact Pro Wrestling roster in his rise to the heights of IPW. His undeniable need to wreak pain and punishment on his opponents has found new purchase as he brings to his side a man of equal malice and savage barbarism, a companion in cruelty to unleash on the IPW unwary.

The new Liger arrived on the scene at New Heights, shocking everyone in attendance but most of all Johnny Idol who was blind sided by the double Liger attack. James Shaw eventually arrived with a weapon in tow to scatter the Pride, but the damage was already done. For upcoming opponents of the duo, the chilling attack is a glimpse into a future of pitiless brutishness and uncompromising ferocity that will be delivered at the hands of The Pride.

Unwilling to stand by and let the big cats of their cage to play, James Shaw and Johnny Idol have combined forces to take on The Pride, July 5 at Escalation!