Emotions set to escalate!

evie_escalationThe New Zealand Women’s Championship has always driven in its seekers a fervent passion to achieve this pinnacle of glory, and that is personified with the two ladies claiming the right to be the true New Zealand Women’s Champion.

For months Britenay has held the Interim Championship with pride, but at New Heights The Investment’s Evie returned and attacked Britenay & Carmen Rose, belittling both competitors as she left with the New Zealand Women’s Championship belt.

The championship waters have been muddied with uncertainty, and emotions are building as gold fever runs wild in the search for the true holder of the Women’s Championship. The path to resolution begins at Escalation where both Britenay and Evie will need to focus on their newly revealed opponents in individual matches that will see Evie be in singles action come July 5 when she battles one of the ladies she blindsided in Carmen Rose, while Britenay will tag with The 2014 Eliminator Contract holder Liam Fury to take on the eclectic combination of Olivia Shaw & Brook Duncan.

Just who the true champion is will have to wait it as we head to Escalation on July 5 at the Lynfield Recreation Centre!