Trial by Combat for Travis Banks

banks_tbcSurrounded and ambushed at Escalation, the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship seemed destined to be ripped from the grasp of Travis Banks by Daniel Burnell & The Investment. All those traits that make Banks a man, a competitor and ultimately a champion, led him to overcome the biggest obstacle ever put in front of a New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. At least, that’s what we thought until the revelation that he must face every single member of The Investment at Trial by Combat.

Every time he steps into the ring his cherished gold will be on the line, and never before has the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion been backed into a wall like this. A clear sign that Daniel Burnell has determined that the reign of Travis Banks must end at all costs.

For the first time in history the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship could be on the line multiple times in one night! An unprecedented Gauntlet has been thrust upon one of the greatest champions of the modern era, and as we know, champions are at their very best when the odds are so substantial.

On one side of the coin you must ask the question, how can one man survive this Trial by Combat? Not just any man can. A man willing to sacrifice everything he possesses inside can. A man unwilling to give up, unwilling to back down and unwilling to concede can. Travis Banks can.

Flipping to the darker side of the coin, we have The Portfolio of The Investment. All of the assets may have a chance to claim the Ultimate Prize. Curt Chaos, Jakob Cross, Pat Schisk, Aaron Henry and Vinny Dunn are all hungry. They’re salivating at the idea of dethroning Travis Banks, and hell bent on carrying out the wishes of IPW Director Daniel Burnell.

Daniel Burnell has been reluctant to reveal the crucial order in which Banks will be facing his first and ongoing opponents in the Gauntlet, should he advance through the first phase. Perhaps the hesitancy to reveal strategy is something Banks can build confidence from. Burnell’s reluctance hints that even with the substantial odds pitted against the Peak of Perfection, Burnell is still wary of Travis Banks. With so much motivation to succeed, combating great odds and competitors in greater numbers, the champion will be the man to be reckoned with.

History will be made at Trial by Combat with this huge Investment Gauntlet for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship on July 26 at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall in Mt Albert!