Banks invokes rematch at Rival Turf!

fury_rivalControversy ruled at Trial by Combat when Fury cashed in his 2014 Eliminator Contract on a broken and beaten Travis Banks to become the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. Now, two of the greatest in-ring competitors in New Zealand history will clash with an unwavering desire to be the best in the business at Rival Turf on August 30th.

At Trial by Combat, Banks survived. He navigated the shark infested waters of the Investment only to be thrown back into the deep end by the duplicitous Daniel Burnell and his former friend, Fury. Banks understands the credo of ‘whatever it takes’ when it comes to claiming the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, but will this betrayal be the harpoon that pierces the very heart of what drives this former champion?

“The plan came together.” These simple yet telling words from the new champion indicating his incorporation into The Investment was not a sudden decision. What demons of the deep drove Fury to collaborate with the power-hungry Investment? And will his new attitude justify his place at the top of the food table amongst the predators?

Nobody will be safe, nothing will be sacred at Rival Turf, August 30th when New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury puts his title on the line against Travis Banks!