Nightmare Before Christmas is tonight!

Brace for impact! Our end of year spectacular Nightmare Before Christmas is LIVE from the historic ABA Stadium for the first time featuring NZ Heavyweight Champion Jamie Tagataese, former NZ Women’s Champion Candy Lee, and NJPW’s Toa Henare!

New Zealand Heavyweight Championship Match
Jamie Tagataese (c) vs Jake Shehaan

New Zealand Women’s Championship Match
Kellyanne (c) vs Candy Lee

Liam Fury vs Falcon Kid  

6 Man Tag Team Action
The Dapper Dynasty (Te Tahi’ Vinny Dunn, Kingi & Ruben de Jong) vs Ben Mana, Adam Avalanche & NJPW star Toa Henare.

New Zealand Tag Team Championship Match
S.A.S (Alex Savage & Will Stone) vs Brown Magic (TED & Te Iti Kahurangi Davis “TKD”) and the dual winners of the Lethal Lottery.

Hooligan Marcus Kool vs Ringo Ryan

6 Pack Challenge
Danny Jacobs vs Matty Short vs Will Cutting vs Liger vs Sir Mr Burns vs Charlie Roberts